Priorities for financial year 2013/2014

Board priorities for financial year 2013/2014

The Board’s priorities for Financial Year (FY) 2013/2014 were to embed the substantial gains already made and to implement new models of care to ensure a sustainable future.

Specific quality priorities of improving our patients’ experience and the quality of care they receive were set out in the Waitemata DHB Annual Plan 2013/2014 [view Waitemata DHB Annual Plan 2013/2014]:

(i) Patient Experience 

Improve our community's experience of health services:

  • Develop a culture of trust and power sharing with the community and between health care partners.
  • Remove barriers to whanau, families and friends supporting their loved ones while they receive health services.
  • Empower patients, so that health care and its outcomes lead to enhanced quality of life.
  • Work together with patients and families to deliver our organisation’s purpose to relieve suffering, cure, ameliorate and prevent ill health, and promote wellness.

We will do this by:

  • Engaging patients and the community to improve services including co-design programmes and services with patients and community representatives.
  • Continuing to engage and involve consumers and the community in locality planning.
  • Working with Health Links and NGOs to identify further opportunities for community engagement.
  • Continuing to remove barriers to whanau, family and friends supporting patients in hospital through more extended visiting hours (open access), improved signage, alignment of patient information (i.e. outpatient letters) with signage, and access to parking.
  • Collaborating with sub-regional and regional DHB colleagues and the HQSC’s ‘Partners in Care’ programme.
  • Engaging with the Asian Health Governance group to inform the patient experience strategy and improve the Asian patient experience.
  • Working with NGOs, the private sector, AUT and the HQSC to develop the organisation’s capability to improve consumer experience.
  • Increasing transparency and information for patients, families and the community, and providing information in new ways e.g. DVDs and web-based information.

(ii) Quality

Create a health system which delivers high quality health care, reduces avoidable patient harm and suffering, improves effectiveness and increases patient quality outcomes.

We will do this by:

  • Collaborating with sub-regional and regional DHBs, colleagues and the HQSC‘s patient safety campaign and consumer experience programme.
  • Staff engagement.
  • Implementing a portfolio of improvement projects.
  • Clinical audit and research activities.


Quality strategy 2013-2016

Our vision for quality is:

to provide the very best care for all our patients – to be recognised as an organisation that provides safe, clinically effective care that is focused on the needs of the patient, their family and our community, and achieves quality outcomes that are among the best in the world.

The Quality Strategy for 2013–2016 sets out three quality aims reflecting three key elements of quality: safe care, clinically effective care, and patient and family centred care; and six quality priorities to achieve these aims [view Waitemata DHB Quality Strategy 2013-2016] :

  • reduce all avoidable harm
  • improve systems and processes
  • promote best clinical practice and clinical leadership
  • increase quality capability and accountability
  • strengthen patient, family and community engagement
  • optimise the patient’s experience

Quality strategy driver diagram 2013/2014

A Quality Strategy Driver Diagram (see below) set out our quality aims, priorities and actions for the FY 2013/2014.

Quality Strategy Driver Diagram for FY 2013/2014

Quality strategy action plan 2013/2014

The Quality Action Plan for FY 2013/2014 [view Appendix One: Quality Action Plan FY 2013/2014] sets out how we measured improvement in the six priority areas.