Short courses - Excel

As part of our short courses programme, we have developed an Excel Training course run by a quality education specialist [view more about our short courses strategy].

Data management using Excel is an important aspect in our work environment. Most staff members ‘pick up’ Excel skills with on-the-job training, however many do not have any formal training in Excel. With the upgrading of the latest Microsoft office suite at Waitemata DHB, our quality education specialist, Ken Kok, developed and roll out Excel training workshops customised to our environment using our DHB’s (anonymised) clinical data and case studies.


The aim of the training is to improve staff members’ excel skills and confidence, so they are more efficient and effective when using Excel in their workplace. This will result in time saving and effective data management.

The Excel training course started in July 2014 and by September 2014 (in three months), we have trained over 70 staff members.

The training has proved very popular with positive feedback received from staff. Some of the comments received are:

  • "Even though I work on excel on a daily basis, there is no time to experiment with its functions. The step by step approach of this training, covering basics as well as touching on more advanced features has enabled me to better understand the scope of excel and faster ways of applying this to my daily work."
  • "Really useful course that consolidated the skills & knowledge I already had. Also learnt lots of new skills & tricks to get the most out of excel. Lots of light bulb moments."
  • "Great course; learnt a lot that I can apply to work related data."
  • "Excellent, Informative, relevant, fun, useful, many thanks."
  • "Very helpful & informative day, Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very clearly taught in ways that were easily followed."
  • "This course was valuable in adding some specific tools to my excel skills that will be useful in my position. Watch out for lots of pretty graphs and data analysis!"
  • "Thank you for a very useful course. Facilitated well, adjusting to individual learners."