Leading quality care


In 2013 a role review of charge nurse managers (CNM) indicated the need and desire to develop charge nurse manager leader capability, broaden their circle of influence and address succession planning. Key aims of the programme are to assist our DHB in further developing nurse-sensitive quality indicators, and extending the skills of our charge nurse managers from managing to leading.

Leading Quality Care

Leading Quality Care builds the leadership capability of charge nurse managers enabling them to focus on and be the leader of quality care and patient outcomes in wards. It is an interactive and practical programme designed to develop and extend the potential of charge nurse managers with new tools, strategies and information.

Cohort one is comprised of 13 charge nurse managers from Surgical and Ambulatory Services, and Medical and Health of Older Persons Services.

The programme:

Research states that successful people learn in three clusters of experience – 10% in formal classroom training, 20% through development of relationships, and 70% in the workplace environment (McCall, Eichinger and Lombardo, 1996). Leading Quality Care considers all of these aspects in its approach.

The programme spans a six month period, and is broken into three blocks, with workshops plus a presentation day (see diagram below). Charge nurse managers:

  • attend six days of training
  • participate in active learning sets with colleagues between training
  • complete several inter-session activities that support embedding learning
  • self-reflect
  • receive coaching
  • lead a quality project within areas of responsibility applying learning from the programme, and present on progress

Leading Quality Care programme outline
Leading Quality Care programme outline

Additionally, leaders directly and indirectly accountable for the CNM role, participate in course design and development, discuss course feedback, encourage learning with course participants and deliver learning content where appropriate.

Next Steps

  1. To meet the continuing need for developing leader capability across the charge nurse manager group, three future cohorts have been arranged through 2014 to 2016.
  2. A continuation of reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the programme at several levels:
    • Learning outcomes are met by course participants
    • Embedding learning into the workplace environment
    • Charge nurse managers develop a respected nurse leadership voice across our DHB
    • Sustainability of the programme in a dynamic healthcare environment
  3. Review the potential of the programme to be offered to other leadership roles of similar seniority across our DHB.