Capability development

Waitemata DHB Value: Better, Best, BrilliantTo maintain consistently high levels of quality and safety over time and across all health services and settings, we need to create and support the capability for learning.   By developing our workforce and continuously improving our processes proactively, we can achieve safer, more effective and patient centered care, improve staff satisfaction and achieve better health outcomes for our patients.

To achieve this goal, we need to equip our staff with capabilities that will enable them to continuously learn and improve.  Improvement requires a system of support: we need a considered, resourced and driven agenda of capability-building in order to deliver continuous improvement[1].

  1. A promise to learn – a commitment to act. Improving the Safety of Patients in England. National Advisory Group on the Safety of Patients in England. August 2013. 

Capability development updates

The following are updates on capability development of our workforce in quality improvement: